Monday, March 31, 2008

March 24 Meeting: Will Medicaid Pay for My Long-Term Care?


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Paul Higa, Acting Medical Assistance Program Officer for the Med-QUEST Division of the Department of Human Services gave some straight answers to complicated questions.

You may want to download a copy of his notes before listening.

Notes on the program: Because of the high costs for institutional care for long-term care, chances are if you need it, you will end up spending most of your assets and end up on Medicaid. To be eligible for Medicaid your countable assets cannot exceed $2,000 a month. Exempt from assets are a home below $750,000 as long as a family member is in residence, 1 wedding ring and engagement ring, household furnishings and clothing, a burial space per family member, 1 funeral plan, motor vehicles used for transportation. There is a look-back of 5 years for transfer of property and other assets with penalties. Effective November 1, all aged, blind and disabled people on Medicaid will be transferred to a managed care plan, either AlohaCare or Ohana Care. These plans must provide all current Medicaid services. For further information call 587-3521, Med-Quest.