Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kokua Council Windward: Thursday, May 12: “Same-Sex Marriage after 20 years” with Justice Steve Levinson


Pohai Nani Retirement Community
45- 090 Namoku Street, Kaneohe   2nd Floor Club Room

11:30 (Optional) — Buffet Lunch in Dining Room, $11. Reservation and Information: Samuel Cox
(808) 779-3606 or revsamuelcox@gmail.com.

12:30 Program: “Same-Sex Marriage after 20 years” with with Former Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Steve Levinson

Justice Levinson reflects on why marriage matters 20 years after historic HI ruling. Twenty years ago, Steven Levinson and the Hawaii Supreme Court made history.

In May of 1993 Levinson authored the Hawaii Supreme Court opinion in Baehr v. Lewin (later, it became Baehr v. Miike), which became the first appellate court decision in global history to find that a state constitution presumptively prohibited the exclusion of samesex couples from access to marriage. In his opinion, Levinson declared that denying marriage to same‐sex couples violates the equal protection clause of the Hawaii onstitution, and that if the state could not show sufficient justification for its denial of the freedom to marry, the ban on same‐sex couples marrying would be overturned.

Discussion will follow.

He may also want to spend a bit of his time talking about some pending legislation that could significantly reduce the pay of Hawaii judges and cause serious problems.

For more information call Dick Miller 808 254-1796, Samuel Cox 808 779‐3606, or Ruth Peterson (808) 236=7814.

Optional buffet starts at 11:30 a.m. Call Samuel Cox for reservations.

1:30 Adjourn