Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 25 Meeting: Mae Mendelson--Integrating Elders in the Community

Click here to listen.

For those who were unable to attend, you can hear Mae Mendelson's presentation and her replies to questions in this audio recording. Just click on the link above to begin playing.

Mendelson is currently involved in intergenerational projects nationally and internationally. Intergenerational means those 50 plus in age and fewer than 18. She has found these programs increase social support for both groups, teach the younger generation about growing older and help them better plan for their future. One of the best programs mixes the generations in elder housing. Liveable communities should have restaurants and shops on the ground floors of the housing open to the general public. Other examples are mentoring and tutoring in elementary schools- the older mentor seems to calm the kids with behavior problems, high school students helping Alzheimer patients create memory books, grandparents raising grand children, art courses with both generations –Japan has published coloring books for adults.

Mendelson has created travel opportunities for elders including teaching English to pre-schoolers in Japan.

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