Monday, March 12, 2007

Legislative Scoreboard: Bills still alive halfway through the 2007 session

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SB1068 (track) RELATING TO CAMPAIGN SPENDING. Increases amount that may be spent per voter for state and county elections.

HB661 (track) Creates comprehensive public funding for elections to any county council; establishes qualifications, limitations on funding and use of funds, reporting requirements.

HB817 (track) RELATING TO SAGE PLUS. Appropriates funds for operating costs to support and expand the Sage PLUS Program on the neighbor islands.

SB1184 (track) RELATING TO ADULT PROTECTION. Amends dependent adult protective services law by: (1) deleting definition of "dependent adult"; (2) extending protections to persons over 18 years of age if they meet the definition of "vulnerable adult"; (3) enabling the department of human services to investigate and the court to have jurisdiction when reason exists to believe that a vulnerable adult has been abused or is threatened with imminent abuse.

HB1359 (track) RELATING TO THE STATE PHARMACY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. Creates a Hawaii State Pharmacy Assistance program by merging the current State Pharmacy Assistance program which coordinates the Medicare Part D drug benefit and the Hawaii Rx plus program under a single comprehensive Hawaii State Pharmacy Assistance program umbrella. Requires the Department of Human Services to take all steps necessary to enable participation in joint prescription drug purchasing agreements with any other health benefits plan or organization within or outside of this state that agrees to participate in a joint purchasing agreement.

HB825 (track) RELATING TO CAREGIVING. Extends the Joint Legislative Committee on Family Caregiving to June 30, 2008. Expands the focus of the committee to explore a paid family leave program. Provides a broader definition for "family caregiver" for purposes of the Committee.

HB1475 (track)/SB427 (track). Establishes a $50 monthly personal needs allowance for residents of certain care homes.

SB1916 (track) FAMILY CAREGIVERS; OMNIBUS PACKAGE Strengthens support of family caregivers by, extending the joint legislative committee on family caregiving; requiring the executive office on aging to conduct a comprehensive assessment of care recipients' needs and the needs of their family caregivers; and appropriating funds to expand services for care recipients and their family caregivers.

HB325 (track) RELATING TO DENTAL CARE. Expands coverage and funds under the State's Medicaid and QUEST programs to include comprehensive dental care for adults to provide the additional coverage. Appropriates funds for hospital dentistry for the developmentally disabled in the County of Hawaii.

HB1337 (track) RELATING TO THE DEATH CARE INDUSTRY. Provides additional protections for consumers of cemetery or funeral services.

SB12 (track) RELATING TO HEALTH INSURANCE RATE REGULATION. Prohibits health insurance rates that are excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory. Requires health care insurers to submit rate filings for approval by the insurance commissioner. Establishes penalties and appeal procedures.

HB357 (track)/SB1191 (track) RELATING TO TRAFFIC SAFETY. Pilot project to test crosswalk safety and programs in the city and county of Honolulu.

HB351 (track) Cameras at dangerous intersections for red light runners.

HB56 (track) RELATING TO HEALTH. Universal Health Care Establishes the Hawaii Health Commission to develop a health plan to provide healthcare coverage for all individuals in the state. Effective July 1, 2020.