Monday, December 05, 2005

Notes From November Meeting: People with Medicare Need to Know

Speaker Pamela Cunningham, Executive Office on Aging

• Everyone with Medicare can get Medicare drug coverage.
• Coverage starts January 1, 2006
• You must join to get coverage
• You can join from November 15, 2005-May 15, 2006.
• If you don’t join by May 15, 2006, you may have to wait until November 15, 2006 and you may pay a penalty.
• There’s extra help for those who need it most.
• Medicare prescription drug coverge covers brand name and generic drugs.
• Compare and join a Medicare prescription drug plan that meets your needs.
• There is a list of plans and their costs in the Medicare & You handbook mailed to you last October.
• Some drugs are excluded: Drugs for weight loss, gain or anorexia; cosmetic purposes/hair growth; symptomatic relief of cough and colds; prescription vitamins & mineral products (except prenatal vitamins and fluoride treatments); Fertility drugs, Barbiturates and benzodiazepines; non-prescription drugs.

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